Mā te huruhuru ka rere te manu –  Adorn the bird with feathers so it may soar.

Welcome to Toroa

We are a Year 2 and 3 collaborative learning space.

The teaching staff in Toroa consist of Jacinda Clements and Lucy Thomason (our release teachers), Janine Wood, Amelia Ryman and Ellie Galletly (Team Leader).

We are also lucky to have the amazing teacher aides, Alicia Appleton and Nicole Grattan working with us to support the children. As a collaborative teaching team, we share responsibility for all of the students and their learning.

Learning Programmes

The learning spaces are open from 8:30 am each day which gives the children a chance to settle in, do their jobs and connect with their teachers and friends before learning begins at 9am.                        

We put a strong emphasis on the teaching of Reading, Writing and Maths and these core learning are delivered within targeted, collaborative programmes that meet the needs of all students.

Throughout the year, children will learn about the other curriculum areas including Social Sciences, Science and the Arts through authentic Inquiry topics.

Use of Digital Devices

In Toroa we are lucky enough to work on iPads (around 1 iPad between 2 students). The children use GAFE (Google Apps For Education), our class learning site and Explain Everything to name a few tools.