Information about our Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (BOT) has responsibility for the governance of, and overall strategic direction of Wigram Primary School. The BOT meets regularly to make decisions on school property, finances, curriculum and administration. The BOT is responsible for making sure that all Government requirements (legal and ethical) are met and is accountable to parents and the local community.

The BOT is the employer of all staff, including the principal, and is responsible for monitoring and evaluating student progress and achievement. The BOT works in partnership with the executive management team to ensure that the Principal and staff are supported, and resourced to achieve high-quality teaching and learning.

The BOT is a governance team made up of school-based trustees – the Principal and a staff representative – elected parent or caregiver trustees and from time-to-time co-opted trustees. Co-opted trustees can be elected for a variety of reasons, usually to ensure that there is a good balance of skills, experience, gender or ethnicit

Our Board of Trustees

  • Board Chair: Katherine Forward (

  • Principal: Heather Walkinshaw

  • Staff Representative: Alicia Bell

  • Helena Dinnissen

  • Kirsten Osborne

  • Kris Heslin

  • Nathan Fletcher

  • Alexis Stocks

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2021 Charter
2021 Annual Plan
2020 Annual Report