Kei ōu ringaringa te ao – The world is yours.

Welcome to Pūkeko

We are a brand new learning space for New Entrant learners at Wigram Primary School.

The teachers in Pūkeko are Nikki Grimwood, Caisee Loye (team leader), Serena White and Shyla Cooper.

Our team also includes some wonderful teacher aides, who support our children with their learning. As a collaborative teaching team, we share responsibility for all of the students and their learning.

Learning Programme

When children start in Pūkeko, our focus is on settling them into school and making sure they are comfortable. We do this by getting to know your child and building a genuine relationship with them. The teachers also work to support new children to learn the routines and to make friends.

When we see children are happy at school and ready for learning, they will be placed in small groups for reading, writing and mathematics instruction throughout the week. Placement in these groups reflects what students can already do and what they need to learn next. Your child will be mostly working in a group of children with similar learning goals. These groups are flexible as learning develops at different rates for each child.

Each term we have a learning concept to explore and learn about. We look at topics from the Science, Social Sciences, Health, Technology, PE and The Arts curriculum. We engage the children in lots of experiences that spark their interest and then we encourage them to ask questions and extend their thinking.

Heart Zones are also an important part of the learning we do in Pūkeko. These are the play activities we create with the children, that they are able to choose from during certain times of the day. These activities support a smooth transition to school, as many of the activities will be familiar to the children from preschool/kindergarten settings (e.g. playdough, construction, arts and crafts, role play, dress-ups, etc). Heart Zone activities provide an opportunity for children to develop collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, thinking, self-management and oral language skills and experiences. At Heart Zones time we place emphasis on our HEART Values of Hauora, Explore, Aspire, Respect and Taonga (Treasure) and these are what we reflect on, use to set goals, and to celebrate our successes.

Please always feel free to contact any of us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

We look forward to working with you and your children this year.