New Entrant, Year 1 Learning Hub


Welcome to  Toroa Learning Space

Welcome to the Toroa learning space for New Entrant and Year One students. As a collaborative teaching team, we share responsibility for all of the students and their learning.

The teachers in this space are;

Toroa: Rachael Hefferman (Team Leader), Taylor Horner, Muriel Pehi, Aimee Wales

Part Time Teachers: Sarah Josland and Fiona Lunan. 



          Learning Programmes

Start of the day: Please help your child to become an independent learner by encouraging them to do their before school jobs on their own. They can hang up their own bag and put their reading folder into the correct box. Their next job is to say “Good Morning” to the teacher taking the roll. Once they have completed these tasks, they are allowed to play outside and use the Heart Zones, or construction equipment that is out. We start the day with all of the children together on the large mat area. After this we split off into smaller groups to do our literacy and mathematics programmes. 

Heart Zones are the play activities we create with the children for them to enhance their learning with emphasis on our school values – Hauora, Explore, Aspire, Respect and Taonga (treasure). Through these activities we encourage collaboration, creativity, problem solving, thinking, managing ourselves, develop oral language skills and experiences.

Literacy and Numeracy: The children will work in small groups for reading and writing instruction throughout the week. Placement in these groups reflects what students can already do and what they need to learn next. Your child will be mostly working in a group of children with similar learning goals. These groups are flexible as students learning develops at different rates. Mathematics is also taught in small flexible groups. Placement in these groups reflects what students can already do and what they need to learn next. Throughout the year we cover numeracy/number (which we teach for 80% of the time), Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Algebra.

Oral Language: Developing listening and speaking skills is a focus for us. Each day we have ‘talking time’ where the children practise speaking and listening skills. This is based around different topics/objects and often links in with our writing sessions.

Physical Education: We usually have a daily fitness session and the activities vary to meet the needs of the students and, in response to the weather. Throughout the year we will also be doing a range of Physical Education including ball skills, running, cross country and athletics.

Māori: Te Reo and Tikanga are integrated into our day and link to the topics we are talking about e.g. colours, numbers, days and seasons. We will have a Kapa Haka session once a week.

Topic Study: In Term One we are learning about our school, our Vision and Values – the Wigram HEART (Hauora, Explore, Aspire, Respect, Taonga). If the children are caught using their HEART values they may be given a Kahu Card and can be acknowledged at a whole school Heart Hui Assembly or the Caught Being Good Assembly.
We will also be learning about ourselves and each other, with a focus on our families’ cultures and traditions. In other terms we will be focusing on Inquiring into topics from Science, Social Sciences, Health, Technology and The Arts curriculum. We engage the children in lots of experiences that spark their interest and encourage them to ask questions and extend their learning. If you have any interests, hobbies or talents please let us know as we would love for you to have the opportunity to share these with the children.

Discovery Time: This is a programme based on a wide range of activities that reflect and follow student’s ideas, interests and passions. It encourages children to create, explore and work on problem solving activities. It also supports the development of social skills and oral language. At Discovery Time we focus on developing the Key Competencies of; Thinking, Managing Self, Relating to Others, Participating and Contributing, and Using Language, Symbols and Texts.

Food at school: During the morning programme the children will have an opportunity to eat fruit/vegetables from their lunchbox. Please make sure your child has a small piece of fruit or vegetable in their lunchbox to eat at this time. At lunchtime the children sit on the covered deck area to eat their lunch. When they have finished, the students need to put their hand up and the duty teacher will then check their lunchbox and let them go to play. We are encouraging the children to take home their rubbish in their lunchbox each day. We also encourage reusable packaging options.

Sunhats: In Term 1 and Term 4 all children will need to wear a blue slouch style sunhat when they are outside. These are available from the office.

iPads: We have a learning site with our timetables, notices, ways to help at home, links to the children’s learning and also our blog. Find it at

Please always feel free to contact any of us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

We look forward to working with you and your children this year,

Rachael Hefferman (Team Leader), Taylor Horner, Muriel Pehi, Aimee Wales, Sarah Josland and Fiona Lunan.   

Learning Together Soaring to New Heights

Where learning is at the HEART

H Hauora

E Explore

A Aspire

R Respect

T Taonga