E ai ō harirau, hei rere mai – You have the wings to fly. You can get there if you really try.

Welcome to Kōtuku

We are a group of Year 2 & 3 learners at Wigram Primary School.

The teaching staff in Kōtuku consists of Marc Gibson (team leader), Mariska Putter, Shyla Cooper, Regan Baxter and Lucy Thomason.

We are also lucky to have some great teacher aides working with us to support the children. As a collaborative teaching team, we share responsibility for all of the students and their learning.

Learning Programmes

Learning starts from when the children arrive at school. The learning spaces are open from 8:30am and the children can settle into their first task of the day. This is normally by coming to say hello to the teachers.                                                  

We put a strong emphasis on the teaching of Reading, Writing, Maths and Learning through Play. The children have an opportunity to make choices around their interests in these learning areas.

Throughout the year, children will take part in Authentic Inquiries around their interests and on joint topics.

During the week we also teach Uru Mānuka (Cybersmarts in the Classroom) and Kapahaka. Our Library day is Monday afternoon.

Use of Digital Devices

In Kōtuku we are lucky enough to work on iPads (around 1 iPad between 2 students). The children use GAFE (Google Apps For Education), our class learning site and Explain Everything to name a few tools. The children take part in Uru Mānuka iPad programme which is part of Manaiakalani Outreach. This then builds on the children’s’ Digital Learning Skills and being SMART online.