Frequently Asked Questions


When will you be moving into the new school?

Wigram Primary doors will open at the existing Sockburn School site in January 2018. Sockburn School ceases to exist from January 2018.

The opening day for students on The Runway site is 4 February 2019.

We are holding ‘walk through’ days on Friday 1 Feb 10am – 2pm, and Saturday 2 Feb 11am – 2pm.

Where is the school site?

The school site is bound by 5 roads – The Runway, Curtis St, Kittyhawk Ave, Webster St and Porter St.

It is sited at the end of Te Kāhu Park.

How many students will attend Wigram Primary School?

The masterplan is for 500 students, and initially classroom space will be built for 300.

Who will the Principal and teachers be?

The Teaching and Management staff from the Springs Road site have all transferred to the new site.  The  Board of Trustees remains the same and Board elections will be next held in 2019.

How can we get involved with the new school?

By contacting Heather Walkinshaw, Wigram Primary Principal – principal@wigramprimary.school.nz, you can become involved in some of the new school planning.

How can we get updates on the progress being made with the build?

Wigram Primary School will open on the new site on Monday 4 February.

Will the school have an enrolment zone?

Yes an enrolment zone has been established for Wigram Primary School.  This will take effect from 1 February 2018.

  View zone map and description under the School Info section.

If I am attending Sockburn School, but will be out of zone for Wigram, can I still attend Wigram Primary?

All students who were attending Sockburn School when it changed name at the end of 2017, including those living outside the Wigram Primary zone, are eligible to attend the new school regardless of where they live. These students will be classed as ‘in-zone’ students. Siblings of any children attending Sockburn School when the school changed name, and are out of the set zone, but will start school after the school moves, will be able to attend Wigram Primary as ‘in-zone’ students.
Will ‘Out of Zone’ students be accepted?

There is a process in place for ‘out of zone’ students to enrol at Wigram Primary School from the 1 February 2018.  Due to enrolment zone rules, and the desire for Stage 2 to be built, we are unlikely to be accepting out of zone students initially.  Please contact the school office for details.


An update regarding the enrolment process is published on this website.

Wigram Primary Uniform Change

Wigram Primary School introduced a new uniform for February 2018. 

Please see the ‘uniform‘ section of this website for the latest information.

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